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          姓名: 李壽航









          1. 微納機電系統

          2. 微納尺度熱、電輸運機理


          擔任Physical Review Research, Physical Review B, International Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, ACS Applied Polymer Materials, Solid State Communication, ES Energy & Environment等期刊審稿人。


          2021年 上海市優秀畢業生

          2019年 博士研究生國家獎學金

          2019年 亞東獎學金

          2018年 中國研究生數學建模競賽二等獎

          2018年 科磊獎學金

          2017年 上海交通大學“三好學生”

          2016年 華中科技大學優秀畢業生

          2016年 美國大學生數學建模競賽一等獎(Meritorious Winner

          2014年 中國大學生數學建模競賽湖北賽區一等獎


          論文 :

          1. Shouhang Li#, Ao Wang#, Yue Hu, Xiaokun Gu, Zhen Tong, Hua Bao*,Anomalous thermal transport in metallic transition-metal nitrides originated from strong electron-phonon interactions, Materials Today Physics, 100256,(2020). (IF:9.298)

          2.Shouhang Li#, Xiaoxiang Yu#, Hua Bao*, and Nuo Yang*, High thermal conductivity of bulk epoxy resin by bottom-up parallel-linking and strain: a molecular dynamics study, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 22, 13140–13147, (2018). (IF:4.126)

          3. Shouhang Li, Zhen Tong, Xinyu Zhang, Hua Bao*, Thermal conductivity and Lorenz ratio of metals at intermediate temperatures with mode-level first-principles analysis, Physical Review B, 102, 174306, 2020. (IF:4.036)

          4. Shouhang Li, Zhen Tong, Hua Bao*, Resolving different scattering effects on the thermal and electrical transport in doped SnSe, Journal of Applied Physics, 126 (2), 025111,(2019). (IF:2.546, Editor’s pick, Invited paper)

          5. Shouhang Li, Xinyu Zhang, Hua Bao*, Thermal transport by electrons and phonons in PdTe2: an ab initio study, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23, 5956-5962,(2021). (IF:3.676)

          6. Chao Song#, Shouhang Li#, Hua Bao*, and Jaehyung Ju*, Design of thermal diodes using asymmetric thermal deformation of a Kirigami structure, Materials & Design, 193, 108734, (2020). (IF:7.991)

          7. Xiaokun Gu#*, Shouhang Li#, Hua Bao*, Thermal conductivity of silicon at elevated temperature: role of four-phonon scattering and electronic heat conduction, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 160, 120165,2020. (IF:5.584)

          8. Hyeonu Heo#  Shouhang Li#  Hua Bao*, and Jaehyung Ju*, A passive thermal switch with Kirigami‐inspired mesostructures, Advanced Engineering Materials, 21(6): 1900225, (2019). (IF:3.862)

          9. Zhen Tong, Shouhang Li, Xiulin Ruan, Hua Bao*, Comprehensive first-principles analysis of phonon thermal conductivity and electron-phonon coupling in different metals, Physical Review B, 100, 144306, (2019). (JCR1區,IF: 4.036)

          10. Yue Hu, Shouhang Li, Hua Bao*, First-principles based analysis of thermal transport in metallic nanostructures: Size effect and Wiedemann-Franz law, Physical Review B, 103, 104301, (2021). (IF: 4.036)


          1. 2021年 第二屆中國熱物性學術會議,金屬性過渡金屬氮化物中的反常熱輸運.(口頭報告)

          2. 2019ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress (IMECE2019),Doping effects on the thermoelectric properties of SnSe: A first-principles study. (國際會議,口頭報告)

          3. 2018年 第十六屆國際傳熱大會(IHTC16). Effects of electron-phonon interactions on lattice thermal conductivity of doped SnSe. (國際會議,口頭報告)